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How Can I Learn English?

English is an International Language, it is to be remembered. As a result, the needed things to learn it are very much common everywhere. So, we can learn it easily and swiftly than any other language.

Unfortunately, many says “I can not do it!”.

In this page, I will try to define your problem when you think about learning English. And I will answer you how can you learn English.

Probably, you are a person who is thinking to learn a language, but you do not need it immediately, or you are such a person who has defeated by the environment just because of lack of English Sense! If it is, this page is best solution for You. Most of the English Learners Suffers the Same Problems: They want to learn English over one day or night. They do not need it to Learn. They are too lazy. They are dead in their sense, they feel (when English Teachers takes their Classes) as if they are in Hell. They fear, and avoid the unknown words. They feel English is un-needed! All the problems are to be happened in my mind also! but they are now just my personal story! I have come out from that! (Also coming out, as I know Learning does not have any boundary) I love my Mother tongue, that is Bangla, that means I am Bangladeshi. But learning English does not Kept me only Bangladeshi, now I am for whole world.

Now, I will discuss, about the solution for this ! Learning a Language over a night!!! As a solution of this problem I am writing a letter to you:

Dear Readers,


We see a lot of books, and Advertisement that, “Learn English in 24 Hours!!” and Some where it is Written that, “One Month Crash Course for English Learners!” Once I believed their Ads. Really! and Now too. Here there is a internal meaning! when any one will offer you Learn English in 24 hours, you have to understand 10 minutes intensive study and 23 hours and 50 minutes practices. When you will be motivated by the phrases that, learn English in ONE month, you must realize that you have to learn the basic lessons and practice them all the year round.

Learning a language is like building a new civilization. You have to dedicate yourself first for the learning, not for Attending the exams. As I saw a lot of my classmates have the best results in the exams but their knowledge on English Language does help them in their work place! As they read the lessons just for the exam before the previous night of the exam, learned and passed.

Are you able to Remember your child hood days? I think yes, but our memory power is not so strong to remember those days when we started to Say “Ma” or “Mom” to our mother. Have we learned our native language over night? Does this learning process finished? NO, the learning process is continuous, we are still learning new words in form our native language too. For English We have to have Passion, and Desire to Learn that are our great friend to Learn English.

If you read this letter throughly, you can summarize that, to learn English, you need two things, one is Teacher, second is Friend. Who is the Teacher? First is, No body can teach you if you do not teach your self. So you, your-self are your teacher, your prior experiences and your depth of knowledge will guide you, then the Teacher (Traditional) a man or woman who teaches English, Third thing is the Texts, like Books, Webs, and many more. Secondly, you need friends, then you may ask me who are your friend? Think, to learn English your own mother-tongue is your best friend, always remember, every language has the structure! and the basic terms of sentence structures are same. Second, you yourself are your friend, if you find no one to be make friendship with you, if you can form a group to learn English, it is better, but most of the cases show that, people can not do it.

My dear readers, I will not write any more today. Later I will edit my letter to you. Yours faithfully

Hasan Zaman Mohd. Reza-E-Rabbi,
Lecturer, Department of English,
Faculty of Humanities and Law,
IBAIS University.



This web conten is dedicated who want to learn English as a Foreign Language, and for whom who has a bit idea about English Language and wants to update his knowledge on English.

For defining the category of learners, I have devided them into some Levels:

Level One: Who knows some words and some sentences, but can not understand them in his needs.

Level Two: There are some persons who can read well, understand the unknown word’s meaning but can not make stand the meaning of the whole sentenses.

Level Three: There are some people, who can read well, not only well farely well but can not write anythig, if s/he


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