Introduction to Logistics (English for Logistics)

12 Aug

Let us Start by knowing the duties in Logistics:

Wikipedia defines Logistics as:

Logistics is the management of the flow of materials and services between the point of origin and the point of use in order to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging, and often security. Logistics is a channel of the supply chain which adds the value of time and place utility. Today the complexity of production logistics can be modeled, analyzed, visualized and optimized by plant simulation software, but is constantly changing. This can involve anything from consumer goods such as food, to IT materials, to aeropsace and defense equipement.

Now, Make the list of all the different areas of logistics you can think of by completing the diagram below:


Five people give their definition of Logistics. Complete the sentences using the words from the box:

Provide   Storage  Support  Distribution  Delivery  Maintenance

  1. Logistics means that you manage the procurement movemete of goods and  _ _ _ _ _ _ of the inverntory.
  2. It means the ___ ___ ___ of the goods the customer needs at the right time, in the right place, and of the right quality.
  3. My definition of logistics is this: it’s to plan, organize, and manage operations that  ___ ___ ___ services and goods.
  4. Logistics – that’s purchasing, maintenance, ___ ___ ___, and replacement of material and staff.
  5. Logistics is the planning and ___ ___ ___ of operations such as warehousing, inventory, transport, procurement, supply and ___ ___ ___.

Listening to the Recording and Chek your answer.

Verb Noun
to provide
to Support
to maintain

Now, complete the sentences with the correct form of the words from the table.

  1. In my job I oversee the ___ ___ ____ of vehicles and machinery.
  2. Do they also ___ ___ ___ parcels and packages on Sundays?
  3. Goods are normally bought in the ___ ___ ___ department.
  4. We ___ ___ ___ a 24-hour delivery service.
  5. This company only ___ ___ ___ goods by road
  6. we ___ ___ ___ all our goods in the warehouse.

Match the definition (a-f) with the words (1-6) below.

1. Carrier                                                   _ _

2. freight forwarder                                _ _

3. Supplier                                                 _ _

4. haulage contractor/haulier            _ _

5. Courier                                                   _ _

6. Consignee                                              _ _

(a) company whic carries goods by road
(b) person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been shipped or turned over for  care.
(c) company that specializes in the speedy and secure delivery of small goods and packages
(d) company that transports or conveys goods
(e) company which supplies parts or services to another company; also called vendor
(f) person or business that arranges documentation and travel facilities for companies dispatching goods to customers

Observe the video where in the screen the fill in the gaps will appear, then listen to the three people describing the jobs in logistics:  a warehouse manager, a freight forwarder, and a shipping operation manager. Match each job to the correct person.

<YouTube vedios>


It is better to download this video, as it is in YouTube, the screen and the video quality is not enough to read the text. To download the video the links are:

Now, Listen this video again complete the sentences.

<YouTube vedios>


It is better to download this video, as it is in YouTube, the screen and the video quality is not enough to read the text. To download the video the links are:

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Mach the verbs (used in Englsih for Logistics) (1-8) with the activities (a-h) to make phrases from the recordings. Then listen again to check if necessary.

1. book               _ _

2. consolidate  _ _

3. deal               _ _

4. keep              _ _

5. make             _ _

6. use                 _ _

7. check            _ _

8. take care     _ _

(a) A number of shipments under one bill of lading
(b) booking reservation
(c) that health and safety standards are maintained
(d) modern computer system
(e) spacer on a ship, train,  lorry, or plane
(f) where to put them in the warehouse
(g) an eye to the budget
(h) with all the necessary documentation


Work with a partner to describe two differnt jobs. the phrases in the box will help you.

describing two different jobs

Replace the underlined verbs with the words from the box that have the same meaning.

Key to replace with some words which are used in Business Engslih and English for Logistics

We supply software for the car industry.                                                     _ _ _ _ _

I often advise clients on the most suitable transport method.                _ _ _ _ _

In my job, I have to make sure that passengers arrive on schedule.    _ _ _ _ _

My job is to supervise incoming goods.                                                          _ _ _ _ _

I also plan the transport of goods.                                                                    _ _ _ _ _

I instruct staff.                                                                                                      _ _ _ _ _

Complete the form with your own job details. Use complete sentences and expressions from this unit.

describing own jobs in English from Logistics business

talking in English about regular Logistic activities

Put the words in the Right order. Use the correct form of the verb.

an excellent/provide/delivery service/my company.

you/ how much/ handle/ cargo/ per year?

to other countries/ not ship/ we/ chemical products.

responsible for/ be/ the warehouse manager/ also/ vehicles and machinery.

to foreign companies/ car parts/ this vendor/ supply?

usually / arrange / for companies/ a freight forwarder/ documentation.

Work with a partner. Follow the steps below to practise this dialogue.

A. Ask B what he/she does.

B. Respond. Tell A where you work.

A. Ask B to give you some details about the job.

B. Tell A about your main activities. Then ask A about his/her job.

A. Respond. Describe your job activities.

Complete the crossword puzzle with words from this unit.


4 Another word for freight.

5. What you store in the warehouse.

6 Work closely together with somebody.


1 Another word for organize.

2 To give information about the price

3 Another word for supervise

5 Send goods.

chapter one puzzle

Read the Article (China’s Booming Export Business) and answer the questions.

transport logistics, logistics for international business, english comprehension for international business, english for imporot business, english for export business

Over to you:

Do you know any other countries with considerable export growth rates?

How does logistics play an important role in a country’s economy?

What do you know about the logistics industry in your country?


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