Your Free English Grammar Teacher

05 May

This is very disgusting to read texts after text in the way of Reading without learning, as our main objective is to Learn, not to read only. I have kept the title of the page is Free English grammar Teacher.

Do you know?:   Why?

Yes, I know it is free on online!

Let us start our journey:

English Grammar is a wide ranged section of learning a language. People starts language by learning from words. From this Idea, I am starting this from teaching from Words, its criteria and characteristics, uses and it’s sources.

Let us begin from the traditional ideas;


A word is a unit which has constituents at the phrase levels and complete meanings. It is sometimes identifiable according to such criteria as being the minimal possible unit in a general analysis.

Features of Words:

  • a regular stress pattern, and
  • phonological changes conditioned by or blocked at word boundaries
  • being the largest unit resistant to insertion of new constituents within its boundaries, or
  • being the smallest constituent that can be moved within a sentence without making the sentence ungrammatical.

In the hierarchy of grammatical constituents, the idea of word is sometimes placed above the morpheme level and below the phrase level. But normally, studying English Language start from here, as morphemes also studied, but the study of morphemes does not support your quest to learn English Effectively.

Do you want to learn Morpheme?  (I’ve discussed it in Learn English Free: Linguistics section)

For its Study of English Words, I would like to classify the words into three categories. They are

  1. Simple Words
  2. Compound Words
  3. Complex words,  and
  4. Phrases

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